iPhone 7 Plus Premium Screen Replacement

You have an iPhone 7 Plus and the front glass is now cracked, shattered or broken? Is the LCD screen blank, all white or lines appeared on it?  If you need a fast and affordable solution to repair your broken screen the only thing you need is to visit iRepair!
Repair Time: 
Bring your device to an iRepair location, and we will replace your screen while you wait, in approximately 45 minutes! You also have the option to send us your iPhone using our free courier service. We will replace the damaged screen and send it back to you the same day it arrives in our service center.
What our service price includes: 
Our service price includes a premium replacement screen, professional installation and a lifetime guarantee. 
About our screen repair: 
The LCD screen module on the iPhone 7 Plus incorporates four parts. The LCD screen, the touch screen, the front glass and the plastic frame. All of these parts are glued together at the factory so if any part accidentally breaks, then the whole screen module needs to be replaced. 
You should change your iPhone 7 Plus Premium screen if:
  • the front glass is cracked or shattered
  • the LCD screen is not working or has lines
  • the front glass is badly scratched
  • you want to change the color of your iPhone

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If you have any questions about your device and need some information about a repair,
call our customer service or a representative of the iRepair technical team.