Do you provide repairs for iPhone under warranty?

iRepair operates as a drop off point for authorized iPhone repairs within the Apple warranty. For as long as your warranty covers a repair your smartphone might need, and throughout its lifespan, we make sure it will always be in excellent condition.

How long will my iPhone repair take?

At iRepair most iPhone repairs take about 20 minutes. There are cases, of course, that damage might be more complex and will require more time. This applies especially for delicate repairs such as repairs to the device’s motherboard.

How much will my iPhone repair cost?

The cost for each repair varies depending on the model, the type of damage and the cost of replacement parts. However, diagnosing the damage on an iPhone is free in case we proceed with its repair. To guarantee to our customers that we have the best market prices for repairing their iPhone, we offer a best price guarantee for every iPhone repair! Furthermore, if your device needs more than one repair we provide a 20% discount on every second repair and a 50% discount on all additional repairs.

Is my phone and data safe?

When your iPhone needs to be repaired, you need to be sure that your sensitive personal data is not exposed to the technician who is repairing it. Based on this exact need for security, all iRepair stores are designed with the innovative concept of “Open View Service Area” which allows all customers to maintain visual contact with their device throughout the repair process.

Is the repair guaranteed?

Almost all of our iPhone repairs come with a lifetime warranty. This guarantees to our customers that we are going to completely replace the spare part without any extra charge, in case of any malfunction after the repair.

What kind of replacement parts are used?

We repair our customers’ devices with the same care we would repair our own. We are constantly researching for new suppliers and performing thorough quality assessment tests, to provide to our customers the best quality iPhone spare parts, among with a guarantee.

Are your technicians certified?

Our technicians have many years of experience and expertise in new technologies, always complying with the manufacturer’s standards and the high repair standards of iRepair. Their know-how is constantly growing by developing innovative repair methods for even the latest iPhone models. We also have some of the most specialized electronics in motherboard repairs worldwide, with a success rate of up to 90%.